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Mary Anne L.

I’ve only been working out here for 2 weeks but I felt like putting my 2 cents early on so I don’t forget details. I signed up just for one month, cause I can financially and time-wise, dedicate a month to personal training.

I go three times a week and have sessions with my trainer Kathy. Kathy kicks my ass all the time, even though I always look grumpy lol it’s the morning, but I swear I’m glad that she kicks my butt, 1) my money’s worth 2) we’re getting things accomplished.

There’s one thing I despise the most though, running laps with the heavy medicine balls/bag!!!  I honestly pray before every session she doesn’t make me run laps in general  I am just beyond dead when I have to do them, but that’s just me whining I guess lol

To all my readers who are considering this gym, I say, invest in yourself and your health here! The trainers, especially Kathy are fantastic and keeps the workout versatile. You truly get one on one attention, plus the trainers here all have very fit bodies. Not like those trainers at regular gyms who are trainers just because they competed once or something like that – so these trainers are quite credible.

Also, Art the owner, is literally the most mega upbeat, happy go-lucky person you’d ever meet in your life!



24 Oct, 2015